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February 06, 2014


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Sean Feldman

Really enjoyed reading this one.
Real life examples always designate the strongest way.

Bill Ellis

Great advice Doug. As a coach I now feel like ketchup for my client's liver. That's a new thought. :)

Doug Wagner

Thanks Sean, I agree, stories are compelling.

Doug Wagner

Thanks Bill. As a coach or adviser we are trying to help clients do what is right for them. Sometimes that means picking clients that like liver, sometimes that means adding a little ketchip and sometimes it means that we help them find an alternative way of getting there that does not involve liver at all.


"There's always more than one way..." So right! And when we, as parents, bosses, coaches, consultants, friends, or even SELF motivators, insist on serving liver we're going to have leftovers.

Nailed it again!

Doug Wagner

Thank you Dixie! Finding other ways is the ultimate challenge.

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