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February 20, 2014


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Love where you've taken our "try" discussion. It's all context isn't it? Certainly, once those rocket blasters hit, it's "do or die" but a lot of trial and error, and try and fail, went into that moment. And there will be a lot more trial and error, and do or die, moments before moon fall.

You've just inspired the next Daily Dose of Dynamite by the way. Watch for it :)


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Big tasks can be very overwhelming and then nothing gets accomplishes. When you divide it into pieces and parts, it is more "digestible" and rewarding as you get a feeling of accomplishment sooner.

Great post!

Doug Wagner

Hi Dixie, indeed it is taking the discussion a bit further. There are probably always do or die moments. But in reality our lives are filled with them but we are so used to dealing with them, they don't seem big. Think close call in traffic. Happens all the time.

One day the moon will be like that.

Doug Wagner

Thanks Barb, the metaphor is correct even if eating an elephant is not your actual goal.


Close call in traffic - been training for that since I could walk :)

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