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December 09, 2013


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Choosing the right shipping company very important. Very few companies do the basics very well.

Bill Ellis

Doug, I don't see the issue. :) Seriously, I have seen and experienced some true customer service fiascos but this one ranks near the top. What a perfect example of process and system gone array.
When the focus is taken completely off of the customer and placed on 'our process' there is no possibility that these types of situation will occur.
Congrats on keeping a sense of humor about you - and thanks for sharing such a whacky yet humorous story.

Doug Wagner

Thanks Bill. I fully agree that if you place your focus on customer above process these things won't happen so much. The process is there to support people and make things easier.

The funny thing is, they tried to bring one of the pieces of furniture back the next day. We refused delivery. Apparently they didn't remove the old sticker.

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