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December 10, 2013


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Bill Ellis

Great insight Doug. Thank you. Process and systems are indeed key but what truly drives this type of consistent excellence is having cleanliness (in this case) as a core value - then having all employees buy into that commitment. If that's achieved, systems and processes ensure the standards are met or exceeded. If they are not they systems/processes will not deliver.

Doug Wagner

Bill you are entirely correct. Your core values drive which systems you need to achieve those values. As well, you hiring system must make sure you only hire people who will support your core values. Full circle.

Bob Francis

Again, thank you Doug. This time for pointing out the importance of the core values.

Something so simple as maintaining a clean bathroom is such a strong statement. Putting myself, as an entrepreneur, into my desired customer's shoes, I will use those businesses which support my standards. A clean bathroom is everybody's standard!

Your manifast tool lays out the "full circle" in an intelligent way with core values as one of the main drivers. These blog stories are very complementary to that tool. Great! Glad I'm taking the training and reading your blog. Good job.


Doug Wagner

Thanks Bob. So happy you find Manifast and my blog helpful.

Yes, the Manifast tool helps businesses do this all correctly without getting bogged down in business theory.

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