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December 02, 2013


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Bob Francis

Great post Doug,
This message really inspires me.

Back in the late 80's, the words "vision" and "mission" and "team" were, in my world, just words revisited, just as you mentioned - once or twice per year. There was a nice poster on some highly travelled hallways and kitchen areas, but it was kind of "soul-less" and rarely talked about.

I am very encouraged by your use of language to reinforce the intentions of the vision, i.e., it MUST be known and in my word, "felt", by everyone in the business for it to move forward in a concerted effort.

Also, the Manifast tool you have developed is largely based upon the vision of the company (please correct me if that is inaccurate). Again, I am very glad to be participating in the "Master Mind" that the CIBN has invested in with your company.

Doug Wagner

Hi Bob, so glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for your wonderful feedback on it and our Manifast business success tool and coaching.

I've seen the same thing so many times. A corporate vision statement that inspires no one and talks about creating shareholder value.

Vision should be about the impact you are going to make for clients (value). Inspire and communicate. Cheers.

Al Dhalla

In one of the "Master Mind" I am attending, there is a successful business woman who owns a company of just one.For now. She is wearing a few hats in her business, ohh yes!

She shared with me : "One thing that I find lacking in working as a "solopreneur" is the sense of sharing a vision, of working toward something together with other people, of sharing the difficult moments and challenges, but more importantly of sharing the joy that come with success."

Sharing a vision over and over can do wonders for a team and should not be taken for granted.

Doug Wagner

Hi Al, very true. For those who have chosen to go it alone it is still critical that you form a "Master Mind" and share that vision with the members so you can get that power of many working for you. This could be a mentor, peers, or a paid coach or consultant or better, a combination.

Beth Davis

Great insight. Thanks!

Doug Wagner

Thanks Beth!


Especially appreciate the repetition ad nausea recommendation. I've learned this the hard way, though it is still not my natural tendency. When you think "I said this already, no need to say it again" say it again anyway.

Doug Wagner

Hi Skip, I think that level of repetition is not natural for most people, hence the tendency to not do it. The problem is that as the team gets bigger, more repetition is required. Thanks for the comment.

Sean Feldman


Doug Wagner

Tks Sean. Amazing brevity.

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