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October 10, 2012


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Bob Burg

WOW - Powerful, Powerful Wisdom you shared with us, Doug. Thank you!

Glen Little

Great example of how Doug can see and explain the big picture! This is a big reason why our team has been able to succeed for over 12 years now. It's been good, and I look forward to the ventures ahead with you, Doug! Glen, co-founder of Sunwapta Solutions

Doug Wagner

Thanks Bob. Learning from one of the best helps.

Doug Wagner

Glen, thanks so much for those words. We all bring our talents to what we do and you are no exception. Having two great business partners has made the journey infinitely better.

Al Dhalla

This one blog says a lot about 'The Go-Giver' message and how you have really taken the subject to heart. You certainly have earned the certified Go-Giver coach title and we see you living this message as well in your day to day business and personal activities.

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