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October 03, 2012


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As usual I learned more about what I know by reading what you've taken away from our conversation :) You've nailed it, I know plenty of people I trust as PEOPLE, but I don't trust all of them as EXPERTS in their field. So even though I'd love to see them succeed, I can't bring myself to do business with them or refer to them. The sad thing is, they may be more credible than they appear, but because they're focused on being "buddies" their credibility isn't coming across. "Business is not the same as having lots of friends." So true, but so happy that business can lead to great friendships. I value yours!

Doug Wagner

Wow, thanks Dixie. It was such a powerful lesson I felt the need to share it.

Knowing something (theory) and really understanding and then doing something about it (mastery) are two different things. Something that we also need to instil acrosss our entire team.

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