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October 30, 2012


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Bob Burg

WOW - you did it again, my friend and brother. Extremely wise, extremely helpful information. Thank you!

Pastor Tom Sims

This is a powerful coaching question and I will use it more in my own coaching:

"What work gives me energy? What drains it?"

These are built-in clues and truthful sources for feedback. Thanks for writing this!

Al Dhalla

I took the test as well ( and I recommend it highly!) but it is one thing to be handed an analysis of your scores and ratings, but it is a totally positive experience when you share these findings and have a heart to heart talk with your team or mentor or partner. THAT discussion between you and I was most valuable to me.

Doug Wagner

Bob, thanks for that wonderful feedback. Appreciate you my friend.

Doug Wagner

Hi Pastor Tom. So important to look at doing the work that gives you energy and doing work in a way that brings out your natural best.

Happy you can use this.

Doug Wagner

Al, it is always a pleasure working together to grow into our full potential and build our business.

What are you going to do and doing it are so much more important than more information in our busy lives. Glad I could help.

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