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August 03, 2012


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Bob Burg

Doug, what an awesome post. Thank you for your very kind words. Please know how honored WE are to have you with us as part of the Family of Certified Go-Giver Coaches. You ROCK, my friend and brother!

Bill Ellis

Doug, this is terrific news and a great new path for you to forge. You are a fine and welcome addition to our group. Welcome.

Jean Allen Kuhn

I'm very glad you have joined "The Force". I also just read your blog about Calvin. I'm so sorry for your loss. Last year we lost our dog Sara who had been with us for 16 years. Like Calvin she had lost her hearing a couple years before. Two weeks later we brought home a 3 month Australian Cattle Dog mix from a rescue. We named her Sgt. Pepper. And in January we rescued a 3 yr ACD. I too missed a dog lying at my feet when I'm working from home. I know how heartbroken you had to be.

The Force Be With You,

Doug Wagner

Bob, thanks. Looking forward to working together to make things awesome.

Doug Wagner

Thanks Bill. Happy our paths crossed.

Doug Wagner

Jean, sorry to hear about Sara but happy you have 2 new wonderful additions.

May the force be with you as well.

Jayne M Cox

Congratulations Doug I sensed you were on a wonderful journey. You commented on my Natural Coach blog recently and yes Doug in my eyes, before I knew this news, I saw a Natural Coach. Congratulations on becoming a Certified Go Giver Coach!

Doug Wagner

Thanks Jayne. I really admire the work you are doing and appreciate your support.

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Doug, I've really enjoyed having you in the Go-Giver Success Accelerator training! Your insights added to MY experience! I know you already offer tremendous value to your clients and this will simply add another layer to that offering.

Doug Wagner

Thanks Dixie. I really got a lot out of the second time through and will likely learn lots when facilitating it as well.

Al Dhalla

Way to Go, Doug.

The entire team at Sunwapta join me in extending heartfelt congrats to our lead as you join the Family of Certified Go-Giver Coaches.

This initiative brings all of us closer to our mission at Sunwapta so you can count on our support as you facilitate the Go-Giving principles to others just like you have already been doing internally at our workplace. Hi-5 !!!

Doug Wagner

Thanks Al, appreciate the support.

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