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October 18, 2011


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It is an interesting strategy, however, one of the challenges with MVP could be determining what is “minimum viable”, identifying the features that are absolutely required to launch a useful tool that can attract enough users, nothing more, nothing less, just enough.

Moreover, since one of the goals of the MVP approach is to receive feedback from the customers/potential customers, I think it would be important to make the process of giving feedback as easy as possible. For instance, it could be part of the tool, an icon on the side where users would be able to easily access the feedback page and offer feedback.

Doug Wagner

Good points Naveed.

There is nothing easy about this MVP approach. The point is to get something out and start learning.

One of the things that Eric Ries talks about frequently is that customers don't know what they really need. So the direct feedback approach is dangerous at times.

With MVP you can start with just a few customers and see what they actually use and think more directly.

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